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Conducting Your Orchestra

I stumbled upon this interesting post on the life of a Producer at Fantasy Interactive, with a bunch of comments from fellow producers. “A good producer is like a great conductor, who can make every part of the orchestra perform in sync. You have to love the abuse, smile through it and reap the benefits when everything turns out right.” Amen.

Fantasy Interactive Producer


Jazz up your website

I love this.


Producer vs Project Manager

I’m always fascinated by the subtle differences between a Producer and a Project Manager. To help distinguish the two, I’ve put together a quick cheat sheet:

Producer: Wanted to be a filmmaker but gave up on that idea after working in film for 6 months getting coffee for a bunch of thankless bastards at 4am, on a lobster boat, getting paid nothing.
Project Manager: Wanted to be a Project Manager after college.

Producer: Makes a project schedule when the project starts. Never looks at it again.
Project Manager: Updates the project schedule every day.

Producer: Spends the whole day walking and talking.
Project Manager: Sits in the office perfecting that Gantt chart.

Producer: Secretly enjoys cracking open Photoshop when the designers aren’t looking.
Project Manager: Does not have Photoshop installed.

Producer: Knows enough code to be dangerous. But seriously, is lost without Dreamweaver.
Project Manager: Does not code. Or design.

Producer: Swears every other word.
Project Manager: Uses words like ‘Mmmhhmm’ and ‘Nnnkaaay?’.

Producer: Goes to SXSW to booze it up with former co-workers.
Project Manager: Studies for the PMI exam.

Producer: Cozies up to team members to get them to do what they’re supposed to do.
Project Manager: Tells people what they need to do. Calls them to tell them they sent them an email. Pisses them off.

Producer: 2 days before the project is due, all hell breaks loose. No sleep for 48 hours. Spends the night making edits in the HTML and writing copy they forgot about.
Project Manager: Completes another credit toward the PMP certification.

Producer: Comes in at 10:00 AM. Pissed off cause they drank too much last night.
Project Manager: Schedules an 8:30 AM daily meeting.

Producer: Mac
Project Manager: PC

Producer vs Project Manager


Photoshop – On the Web

Photoshop Express

Back when I was a producer companies, producers weren’t allowed to have the full version of Photoshop. We got Photoshop Elements instead. Now Adobe is working on an online version of the ubiquitous photo editing software, Photoshop Express, still in beta. At first glance, it’s a slick Flash app that allows you to upload photos and crop, adjust levels and create galleries of your images with up to 2gb of free storage. The intro Flash screen is pretty cool and the application was intuitive to use. Maybe next-gen producers wont’t even need Photoshop – they’ll just use it on the Web?!

Take it for a test drive.

August 2020